Chaos Creates

by Lux Purus

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Recorded and produced in ''Studio Armageddon'' Osijek, Croatia


released May 12, 2015

Lux Purus are:
Ana Marija Dundović – vocals
Mario Stojčić – guitars
Igor Vilupek – bass
Borna Dananić – keyboards & orchestration
Tanja Ivković – violin
Boban Burger – drums

Choir are:
Ana Marija Dundović - soprano
Josipa Ratko - mezzo soprano
Tanja Ivković - mezzo soprano
Vedran Oršolić - tenor
Borna Dananić - tenor
Mario Stojčić - baritone
Igor Vilupek - bass

Recorded and produced by Eldar Ibrahimović in Studio Armageddon
Cover and booklet made by Vanja Eberl
Photography done by Hrvoje Malbaša



all rights reserved


Lux Purus Osijek, Croatia

Lux Purus is a symphonic metal band from Osijek, Croatia.
After several successful gigs in Croatia and Serbia, the band entered “Studio Armageddon” in Osijek in October 2014 to record their debut album “Chaos Creates“, that included choir and lots of orchestrations, and booked European tour in October 2015 Band is currently searching for a label. ... more

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Track Name: At the Edge of the World
At the edge of the world I know
Preparing for the step I fear
Universe uncoils for me
All the beauty yet unseen
At the edge of the world I know
The spirits are waiting for me
To throw the bottle in the sea
With the message “I believe”

And before me lies a new frontier
I’m standing at the edge of all known
The next step will lead me somewhere
But where- no one knows

I’m leaving troubled past
Creating place for sunshine
Holding oceans in my palm
In other one fire
I must leave at dawn
At the light of first Sun
No more attaching
To the things that I don’t need

And I open emerald doors
Sunshine blinds my eyes
New sense of peace overflows
And before me the train stops

As I enter the gates of a new world
I jump in to train to Now-Here
Shiny big universe opens up just for me
At the dawn of the new life to live

As I enter the train to Now-Here
I find a new sense of peace
Washed from the world of past
I enter the world of light

This journey will never end
All we need is to change the train
To learn to walk the path
Not to hope for destination
Track Name: Raised by the Wolves
I taste a bitter poison on my lips
It’s a taste of your serpent words
Poisoning my heart all these years
Growing darkness in my mind
(Lunacy taking over my mind)

Waking me from my summer dream
An icy lady full of broken dreams
A lair of wolves and one naked man
Waiting to be eaten after raped so many times
(now you are the one to be raped)

I want to scream from my deepest pits
I want to taste the blood of my own kin
Silence no longer reigns in here (I scream and shout)
The poison spills (now you will drink it)

The walls of my prison sheltered me
My eyes learned to see in the dark
The light of first Sun was blinding me
But now I would kill for this beam of light
(You will stay in the dark)

Why should I hold your hand on the death bed?
The chaos you grew consumes all
Your love’s a love of a hunter and the prey
Making my flame burn in vain
(I will never shine in vain again)

I want to scream from my deepest pits
I want to taste the blood of my own kin
Silence no longer reigns in here (I scream and curse)
The poison spills (now you will taste it)

The tables have turned (you walk in my shoes)
The night to daylight (dawn of the human kind)
My scars are healing (I’ve licked them many times)
I’m leaving now (I shut the doors behind)

I want to scream from my deepest pits
I want to taste the blood of my own kin
Silence no longer reigns in here (burning in my hate)
The poison spills (now it is yours to digest)
Track Name: The Seven Seals
The seven seals

Sing me a song of the world`s end
(Human hearts are burning with fire; oceans come to ease their pain)
Bring me the whispers of those in pain
(Cold as ice, dark as hate; seasons change like colors of the day)

On leaves of dying forests
The wind will paint its scars
In the sea of dying giants
The clock is ticking our time

Over hills and over rivers
The birds will sing goodbye
In the heart of every human
Darkness is poisoning our lungs

Sing a lullaby to my child’s heart to sleep
(I see it every day, but I join the mad parade)
Darkness falls, light will never shine again
(I tremble in fear; I face the Maker with shame)

In the ancient stones of Egypt
From Ararat to western sea
The truth is hidden in the nature
But killed by our vanity

Over hills and over rivers
In the heights of deep blue sky
In the purity of every water
Humans are born but must die
Track Name: Prophecy of the Seventh Generation
I can no longer enjoy in the shade of the elm tree
I’m starting to wither like the forest around me
Walls of machinery rising, making me breathless
We pray for the next stone to be thrown on the innocence

All the things I love are slowly dying inside me
Every day they plant some new seed of death
What about our children, and children’s children?
What is our legacy for them to live and hope?

“Seven generations destroyed by this evil plague that ships brought unto us
Your greed will bring you to the end of the wisdom of life”

I must take a journey to the North, up to the great river
On the journey I will throw all my scars and fears away
To the elders I will come with ease inside my chest
To be taught the knowledge and mysteries of the west

The great white hunter, the great white greedy man
Sacrificed the world for him to enjoy instead
I cannot live in the future you`re preaching of
The world of machines and the loss of human soul

“Seven generations destroyed by this evil plague that ships brought unto us
Your greed will bring you back to our soil to question your life”

Spoken Native American Proverbs:
“From a grain of sand to a great mountain, all is sacred. Listen to her—our Earth, our Mother; listen to what she is saying. All plants are our siblings. If we listen, we can hear them speaking.
The earth you see is not just earth—it contains the blood, flesh, and bones of our ancestors… It is consecrated.
"When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them."
What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.“

“Seven generations destroyed by this evil plague that ships brought unto us
This time there is no escape from wrath of Gods
Seven generations destroyed by this evil plague that ships brought unto us
Let’s see what truly lies inside human hearts”
Track Name: Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem

Story starts, spin the wheel
Today you`re up, but what is real?
Hope is lost and the hope is gained
Moments forever, memories flair
Seeing Hell right on your way
Giving Kingdoms on the sale
Losing soul, gaining woe
Our time here is precious
And someday you will know
You will see through the fog:
„You can lose hope, but don’t loose it for too long“

Star seed shed on our way
Glory dreamed, faced decay
You wish for Sun, you get the rain
Love forever, tears in vain
Looking for truth hidden in womb
Digging the dreams right from your tomb
One door closes, another opens
Dreams of Eden inside your fortress
In the darkness lights a beam
And finally it becomes clear:
„You can be everything, but you must learn to see“

Silently it comes to me
A memory lost somewhere in the wind
Use your time, do as you please
Make your dreams real

People you love fade away
Leaving your heart old and grey
Don’t close it up, it’s only a game
Victory is to stay aware
Sing the praise of the end of days
Go on your path, break the chain
Some will follow, others fall
Candle needs air to glow
And freedom of choice
For some is a thorn
„You can love everyone, but first must love yourself“

Silently it comes to me
A lullaby of dark blue sea
Don’t close your heart, let it be
Let it be free

Use your day, let the wheel spin
One day you’ll fall, other you’ll win
Life’s a gift, don’t throw it away
Kingdoms fall, your heart stands

Nature blossoms in spite of decay
Children dream, old ones fade away
Time's a gift, don’t throw it away
Use this day

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